Welcome, I'm Imanol and this is my Personal Portfolio.

Here is a breif review of my trayectory on Software Development and Personal Acomplishments.

About Me

If you give me an assignment and I don't know how to do it, I will learn how to, complete it, and turn it to you. I have fun when I learn, when I do things, when I create, could be software, music, sports, cook among others. When I do things I like to do it right even if I have to stay after hours, this will save me time in the future. I know also my performance is so much better when I do exercise, so I always try to be in a healthy state to do my things better and have the energy to do it. I think in the future I could be a good leader because from young age I belong in a few rugby teams. Last year we won the national Spain league with Santboi Team. I'm a Self-taught, curious and kind person that means I don't need any kind of supervision to go forward.


I've worked with a range a technologies in the web development world. From Back-end to Front-End.

  • Front-End

    Experience with
    Flutter, React.js (Typescript) and Next.js.

  • Back-End

    Experience with
    MongoDB, Node.js, .Net C#, SQL and Firebase

Experiences as Developer

When I wear a shirt of a team I will take it as high as I can.

  • Full Stack Developer - Client Flows

    ♦ Developed and maintained a React front-end interface with Typescript and Tailwind.

    ♦ Crafted Firebase backend architecture for secure data storage and integration.

    ♦ Implemented Stripe subscription payments flows for increased customer convenience.

    ♦ Implemented email notification feature for delivering real-time notifications.

    ♦ Implemented backend triggers to manage data when the database is updated.

  • Full-Stack Developer - Gemini Expert S.L.

    ♦ Developed and maintained Flutter and React applications.

    ♦ Crafted SQL Server schema for data storage and retrieval.

    ♦ Built .Net C# microservice to enable seamless communication between app and database.



Some other hobbies aboout me.

  • KeepSilent Collective

    I manage an artist collective who invite other artist to collaborte, share music content and make partys in Barcelona.

  • KeepSilentCollective
  • Professional Rugby Player

    I'm a Professional Rugby Player in Santboi Team. Last season we won the National Spain League. In may finish the season and also will finish my career as a Rugby Player (I'm the one that is holding the cup).

  • SantboiImage
  • DJ/Live Artist

    I command a group of three musicians, including me, who make live shows with a guitar player, a singer and me making drums with machines.
    Also I'm a vinyl DJ.

  • DJ/Live

Personal Acomplishments


Years of experience as developer


Projects I have worked on


Spain Rugby Cup


Music track release

Innovating one project at a time